BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set

BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set
BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set
BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set
BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set
BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set

BUNDLE: Eyelash Growth Serum + Scrunchies Set

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This is our bundle that takes care of all your hair needs. We can't have your eyelashes and brows looking divine without the hair to match can we! 
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As part of this bundle, you can choose an Original or Sensitive Serum to pair with a 3 pack of our heavenly soft Silk Scrunchies. 

Eyelash Growth Serums:
The Lash Rehab's Eyelash Growth Serum is an eyelash enhancing serum that helps nourish, grow and repair your natural lashes. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend the Sensitive Serum as it is a gentler formula. However, if you do not have sensitive skin and you are looking to supercharge your lashes - go for the Original Serum. 

See the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller lashes in 4-8 weeks, full results within 12. We believe in our product so much that we also have a Money-Back Guarantee if you have not achieved any results within 12 weeks. 

We recommend the Original Serum for the first 12 weeks to help stimulate significant growth. We then recommend using the Sensitive Serum to maintain your results and keep your lashes long and healthy. After 3 months, you can then switch back to the Original to stimulate substantial new growth. You can then repeat this cycle. Be ready for the compliments though ;)

Silk Scrunchies:
Our scrunchies are made from MULBERRY SILK - a protein fiber which is natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk is one of the highest quality silks and will be your hair's new BFF in reducing frizziness, dryness and nasty tangles. 

Our signature 3 pack consists of a white, pink and beige scrunchie. 

Stop using cheap elastic hair ties that damage and pull on your hair and add a super soft and cute touch with our silk scrunchies. 

Good to know
  Bundle includes: 1 x Original or Sensitive Serum + 3 x Silk Scrunchies
  Our serums are made from a scientifically-formulated triple peptide formula with the highest quality clinically-tested ingredients, made right here in Australia. 
  Vegan and cruelty-free 
  Paraben and sulfate-free 
  No artificial fragrances or colours  

From our customers


I bought this for my mum as a present as she was addicted to lash extensions but couldn’t afford them anymore and her lashes have grown so long! I recently bought myself one. Totally recommend. Also the scrunchies are so cute

Kyla G.
- Verified Buyer

My friend told me about this serum and I was sceptical but she has great lashes, I can already see results and it’s only been 8 weeks.

Andrea L.
- Verified Buyer

What an absolutely amazing product. I’m eyelashes fell out after have lash extension. I did some research and came across this amazing serum. My eyelashes are have grown back so beautiful and long. So happy with the results x

Sam R.
- Verified Buyer

I have bought so, so many eyelash growth serums and NOTHING has worked until Lash Rehab! Finally, I am seeing great results, thicker longer lashes and I’m still on my first tube! Will definitely be purchasing again.

Debbie R.
- Verified Buyer

The answer to my postpartum baby lashes. I feel like i lost so many of my lashes during my pregnancy and this has helped grow them back.

Danny K.
- Verified Buyer


We actually recommend using both, hence we created the Combo Pack. The Original Serum is formulated with additional peptides that help encourage lash growth and also contain a stronger percentage of the peptides in the formula compared to the Sensitive. Hence, the result of the Original Serum is more significant, and Sensitive is a gentler formula. Alternating the two serums allows you to maintain healthy, long lashes to a desirable length and fullness. Prolonged use of the Original serum may lead to lashes that reach your brows but like, we are also here for that too :)

Some research indicates that certain eyelash growth serums containing prostaglandin and its derivatives can have an adverse effect on some eye colours. The Lash Rehab does NOT contain prostaglandin and any derivatives.

Yes! Lash Rehab is safe to use. Our serums are developed using clinically-tested ingredients and are made here in Australia.

However, as with any cosmetic product, some may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. It’s important you check the ingredients carefully before you start using. If you experience an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.

After 4 weeks you should start to see the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker lashes, if applying daily as per directions. You will see full results within 12 weeks. We recommend taking a before and after picture of your lashes so you can notice the growth of your natural lashes. We love nothing more than receiving before and after pictures from our amazing community. We would love to hear from you through Facebook, Instagram (@thelashrehabau) or email (enquiries@thelashrehab.com).

Yes, The Lash Rehab eyelash growth serum is perfectly safe to use whilst you have eyelash extensions. Actually, we recommend it and so do professional lash technicians! The Lash Rehab will help nourish your natural lashes making them stronger to hold the extensions and also extend the lash life cycle so less frequent refills are needed. However, NOT all eyelash growth serums are lash extension safe. Please carefully check the packaging of the eyelash growth serum.

We believe in our product so much that we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't see any results within 12 weeks. We will ask for before and after photos taken both either looking up or down, clearly visible natural lashes and with dates, so please ensure you take photos before you start using The Lash Rehab. Please apply the serum every night for 12 weeks to see full results, this is a condition of our guarantee.

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