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What is the difference between the Original and Sensitive Serums and which is best suited for me?

We actually recommend using both, hence we created the Combo Pack. The Original Serum is formulated with additional peptides that help encourage lash growth and also contain a stronger percentage of the peptides in the formula compared to the Sensitive. Hence, the result of the Original Serum is more significant, and Sensitive is a gentler formula. Alternating the two serums allows you to maintain healthy, long lashes to a desirable length and fullness. Prolonged use of the Original serum may lead to lashes that reach your brows but like, we are also here for that too :)

Is Lash Rehab Australian Owned?

Yes, and we're proud of it.

Can Eyelash Growth Serums change your eye colour?

Some research indicates that certain eyelash growth serums containing prostaglandin and it’s derivatives can have an adverse effect on some eye colours. The Lash Rehab does NOT contain prostaglandin and any derivatives, so you are not to worry!

How long will it take to see results from my Lash Rehab serum?

After 4 weeks you should start to see the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker lashes, if applying daily as per directions. You will see full results within 12 weeks. We recommend taking a before and after picture of your lashes so you can notice the growth of your natural lashes. We love nothing more than receiving before and after pictures from our amazing community. We would love to hear from you through Facebook, Instagram (@thelashrehabau) or email (