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Free Shipping Australia Wide
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- Nicole

Look at my lashes!

My lashes have grown so much, I actually can’t believe it! I was so sceptical at the start and now look at them! Completely obsessed. X

- Paige

Completely addicted :)

I bought an Original Serum from Brow & Lash Co and have been using it for about 6 weeks now. I am super happy with my natural lash growth so far and feel like I'm getting addicted to using this serum! Looking forward to the next 6 weeks :)

- Gracen


Cannot recommend this serum enough. I had extremely damaged lashes from an over-processed lash lift a couple of months ago. I ordered this in hopes of strengthening them and it has done exactly that! They're also getting longer and denser. So wonderful.

Did You Know?

52% of the population have eyelid sensitivities that can become irritated when using harsh lash serums.

The Lash Rehab's Sensitive Eyelash Enhancing Growth Serum was developed with this in mind to offer a serum that is safe and effective to all skin types.

See full results within 12 weeks.