I’m sure we’ve all dreamt about having longer, fuller, and healthier lashes! Is the solution lash serum to achieve this look? Let’s delve in to find out more!

When it comes to lash growth, where do you even begin? The internet is jam packed with different opinions, formulas, and products on how to grow lashes, what’s good for them, and what isn’t good for them. But how do you know what works best, and tell fact from fiction?

Allow us to help you out!

We have gathered some of the most common eyelash serum myths, as well as eyelash serum TRUTHS! We go into detail about each myth and truth about eyelash serums and explain why the myths are not worth listening to, and why the truths need to be told.

MYTH #1: Lash Serums create new hair follicles

As much as you may think that the lash serums create new hair follicles, as the title says, ‘myth’! And why so? A lash serum can only work with what is already there. The way lash serums work is the serum promotes the growth of all lashes, this also includes the fine lashes you didn’t even know you had! (until you use the lash serum of course 😉). This allows for your lashes to excel in growth, making them looking longer, fuller and healthier.

MYTH #2: Eyelash serums use hormones

Once again, fake news! This myth is often confused with the ingredient ‘Prostaglandins’. Prostaglandins is a common ingredient used in most lash serums, as prostaglandins does promote lash growth, it too, can come with unintended side effects such as eye irritation, skin discoloration and potentially an eye colour change. This is why all our products at the Lash Rehab are free from prostaglandins.

MYTH #3: Eyelash Serums Don’t Even Work

This is definitely a myth, and we can prove this theory wrong too! We have received real results, from real clients, showcasing their 90-day growth journey with our lash serums, and the results are astounding! (see below). And guess what the best part is? You will receive your money back if there is no result at all, however, let us assure you, by using our lash serums we guarantee you will get results. Follow this link to check out more before and after photos!


Out with the myths, and in with the truths!


TRUTH #1: Expect results within 4-weeks of using Lash Rehab serum

Let us guess, you probably think that this is a ‘myth’ more so than a truth? Don’t stress! Our customers thought the same at first, until they documented their growth journey and were amazed with the results! We do offer a 90-day growth guarantee; however, you will begin to notice incredible results within the first 4 weeks of using our Lash Rehab serums! See the image below for one of our customer’s growth result in 4 weeks.

TRUTH #2: You can use eyelash serums with lash extensions!

That’s right everyone! You can use eyelash serums with lash extensions. If you have eyelash extensions we definitely recommend using a lash serum to help prevent the loss and breakage of your natural eyelashes. The lash serum will help create stronger and healthier lashes that will give more for the extensions to bind to.

TRUTH #3: Eyelash serum is healthier for your lashes than mascara!

And that’s because mascara dries out your lashes, rather than hydrating and moisturising them just as lash serums do. This is because mascara contain chemicals such as ethyl alcohol that dry out your lashes and cause permanent breakage. By using a lash serum, moisture is restored to the lash, preventing breakage and allowing lashes to grow to their full potential.


So there you have it! Lash serum myths debunked, and the truths be told. Know that whenever you use eyelash serums you are benefitting your lashes more than anything else!

If you’re ready to take your lashes on a growth journey they deserve, follow the link to find out more: The Lash Rehab