Lash extensions do an incredible job at making eyes pop and stand out. Once you begin your lash extension journey, don’t be surprised if you become reaaaaal obsessed. (We’re definitely guilty of this!)

And yes, whilst lash extensions look great, you still want to ensure that you are looking after your lash health still! And a question we get asked all the time is – can I use eyelash serum with my lash extensions? – And the answer is… yes!

If you are worried about your lash health, and want to maintain longer, fuller, healthier lashes, then we highly recommend using a lash growth serum for your lash extensions.

Applying lash growth serum to your eyelash extensions is an essential step in a healthy eyelash maintenance routine. If you are not prioritising your eyelash health, don’t be surprised if your lashes fall out, become weak and brittle, and therefore leaving them permanently damaged and wrecked.

Below we have curated 4 top things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect eyelash serum to use for your lashes.

  • Can I really use a lash growth serum with my extensions?

You may be second guessing that you may not be able to use lash growth serums with lash extensions…allow us to tell you, the answer is yes! Especially if you plan on wearing lash extensions for 6+ months.

Lash technicians will often recommend for their clients to at least take a 4-6-week break from lash extensions from time to time, for lashes to naturally heal and rejuvenate.

Using a lash serum while wearing extensions will allow your lashes to stay healthy, and even better, reduce the time needed to repair your natural eyelashes.

Did you know: Using a lash growth serum during your break from eyelash extensions will speed up the healing process! 😉

  • Check the ingredients! (Try to avoid paraben, sulfate & oil product ingredients)

    Many (cheap quality) eyelash serums contain various ingredients ranging from parabens, sulphates and oils – whilst oil is great at a few things, it has its downfalls with lash extensions, as it dissolves various glues used in eyelash serums.

    Parabens and sulphates are chemicals found in beauty products, they are thought to disrupt hormones and could even pose a risk to cancer as they are easily absorbed – it is always recommended, to avoid any beauty products that contains these ingredients – eyelash serum especially!

    • Is the product Vegan + Cruelty-free?

    Vegan products has become more mainstream more than ever! Adding a vegan + cruelty-free eyelash serum into your daily routine, applied to your lash extensions can take your lashes from lacklustre to lush, the natural way.

    Note that whether you lead a healthy lifestyle, have allergies to certain ingredients or just want to incorporate more clean products and ingredients into your daily routine, vegan + cruelty-free eyelash serums offer a natural alternative to enhancing your lashes, and improving lash health, that is destined for incredible results (both your natural lashes and lash extensions will love you!).

    • Extra Tips! 

    Allow us to take you through some further tips with applying lash growth serum to eyelash extensions!

    • Do not apply lash serum right after your lash appointment (Wait +4 Hours)
    • Do use a lash serum with vitamins
    • Do not apply a lash serum with a mascara wand
    • Make it a habit! (apply every morning)



    If you have lash extensions…guess what we will be recommending!! Eyelash growth serum of course!

    Lash serums are a clever and popular way with bringing your lash game to life! These specially formulated solutions are proven to make your natural lashes grow longer, stronger and fuller. At The Lash Rehab we have carefully curated our lash growth serum to promote healthier, longer lashes whilst using ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Say hello to healthier lashes and eyelash extensions when you apply the Lash Rehab Growth Serum daily!