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WHOLESALE PACK: Lash Rehab Eyelash Curler

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Maybe you have a hot-date, a photoshoot or you are just looking to enhance your lash curl for that 'wow factor'. Either way, the Lash Rehab Lash Curler is your new holy grail. 

Our slim and sexy stainless steel Lash Curler is designed to provide you with a stunning curl. Our curler is built with a silicone rubber pad to offer cushioning for your lashes without crimping or damaging them. 

Create the perfect curl in seconds!


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How to Use

Before usage, ensure eyelashes are clean, dry and mascara-free.

1. Open the eyelash curler. Keep your eyes about halfway open and carefully insert your upper lashes into the curler.

2. Make sure you position the eyelash curler as close as possible to the roots of your lashes, but be careful not to pinch your skin.

3. Keep your eyes open and press down gently to clamp the curler together. Hold for several seconds - we find about 5 seconds works best for us.

4. Release the tension slightly and rotate/tilt the curler towards your eyebrows. Gently squeeze the curler again and hold for several seconds.

5. Slowly open the curler and release your lashes.

6. Pout and wink at yourself in the mirror, you're ready for the day!

Have you shopped with us before?

If you have not purchased a Wholesale Pack from us before, we have a special treat for you... First time buyers will receive The Lash Rehab 'Welcome Kit' which includes:

+ A display stand 

+ Brochures 

+ A Lash Rehab sticker for your salon. 

+ 1 x FREE product with first 6 x pack order

+ 2 x FREE product with first 12 x pack order

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